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Steps to Take After an Interview

You have just completed your interview and now you feel relieved and optimistic of the results. While you may choose to relax and wait for the call from the employer, there are some things you can do to show your appreciation for the opportunity and most of all, may be of great help to your application. Here are some things you may do right after the interview. Express your thanks …Read More

Getting the Dream Job for the Senior Student

It is never too early to aim for that dream job. As a senior student, there are some things you can do to get hired by that company you have been aiming for. You do not have to wait for that graduation to be noticed by the leading companies or start your job hunting efforts. Here are some tips to achieve this, coming from experts of leading companies. Get Noticed …Read More

A Guide to Applying for a Job in Person

Even with the advances in technology and modern procedures in the job selection process, applying in person is still being practiced today even with large companies. Applying in person can offer many advantages to the job seeker. But even if this procedure may appear less complicated, this still needs preparation, otherwise your chance of being employed gets wasted. Filling Up an Application Form If a company entertains personal applications, be …Read More