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Dressing Up for that Job Interview

Dressing Up for that Job InterviewYou might think, going into an interview, that what may count most would be your qualifications, skills and experience and there is therefore no need to look your best. Unless you possess such exceptional skills, the next person with the same attributes and who is dressed appropriately for the occasion would definitely have an edge.

Yes, the way you dress for the interview is very crucial. First impressions are made by how you look and how you dress up. The way you dress speaks so much about yourself and this will not escape your interviewer. The manner of dressing will also be a gauge on how much importance you have placed on your desire to be hired by the company.

Dressing Tips from the Experts

To illustrate the significance of choice of attire during an interview, experts on human resources have undertaken studies on this subject. They have interviewed thousands of HR officers with the objective of determining the appropriate attires for these very important events that may define the careers of young men and women.

Proper Attire for Men

Ideally, men should be wearing conservative suits for the interview even if the actual job may only require casual clothes. Color should be those that are considered solid such as navy or dark grey. This should be matched with a long-sleeved shirt that may be white or one that may complement with the suit. The tie should coordinate with the suit and those that may be too flashy should be avoided.

Of course a suit should be worn with the proper belt. Wearing a suit without a belt would certainly not look good on your appearance. The same goes with the shoes. It must be conservative and as much as possible make it a leather shoes. Dark socks would perfectly go with this type of shoes.

Proper Attire for Women

Just like the male counterparts, women should also wear suits of the conservative type with colors of navy, black, or dark grey. The length of the skirt should be appropriate for the occasion, so it should not be too short to be distracting. It should be long enough that you can sit comfortably without being too conscious. The choice of blouse is also very critical so there is a need to match the blouse with the suit.

As much as possible women should be wearing conservative shoes. High heels would be all right as long as it fits with the overall attire. Experts advise women to invest on a pair of shoes that can add points to your appearance.

More so in women than in men, jewelry worn should be limited and modest. Dangling earrings or an armful of bracelets should be avoided. It has been said that it is better to have no jewelry than wearing the very obvious cheap jewelry. Make up should be light and the same goes for the perfume. And of course do not forget to have a neat and manicured finger nails.