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Five Interview Tips to Land That Dream Job

You may have the most impressive resume among the applicants. But if you fail to impress your interviewer, you may as well say goodbye to that dream job you covet.

The interview phase of the selection process may be the most vital step in getting the job and you want to make sure that you give it your best. Below are some tips that may help you along the way:

Be in Your Best Appearance

First impressions always last so you want to appear in your very best. Wear something that is appropriate and nothing too flashy or overly conservative. Investing in even just one set of business clothes will be worth it. You would also like to convey a picture of competence and assurance.

Be Confident in Handling Yourself

You have to show self-confidence the moment you enter the room but in natural manner. You maintain your posture and offer a warm and friendly handshake once your interviewer extends his hand. A sweaty and weak handshake will not have a favorable impression. All through the interview, be sure to maintain eye contact and please speak clearly and legibly without those hesitations. It helps to brush up your grammar and other communication skills.

Be Ready for the Interviewer’s Questions

Days before the scheduled interview, you should already answers to the possible questions. You should list them down and come up with a good response without twisting the truth. Be prepared for questions that probe your behavior and attitude such as how you get along with a team and how you handle pressure. For good measure, be ready when the interviewer asks for traditions question such as strengths and weakness and where you see yourself in a number of years from now.

Be Fair With Your Previous Employers

Do not let yourself get caught in the trap of badmouthing your previous employers in order to justify your reasons on leaving your previous jobs. Your interviewer may show sympathy and may even goad you to tell more. Remember your interviewer may also be previous employers of others and they definitely would not want to hear negative feedbacks. Most of all, this may be taken against you in your ability to get along with other people.

Be Ready For Your Questions

An interview is a two-way process and you are expected to do more than just answer questions. A point will come when your interviewer will ask if you have any questions. You should be asking question to learn more about the job and the company. The answers will eventually help in your decision to go for the job. As much as possible, refrain from inquiring on the salaries and financial matters. And do not ask questions just to appear impressive.

Getting a job can be long and complicated and you may need all the advices available. The five mentioned above are just some tips that may help you. Robert L. Holmes Professional Placement Services that has helped thousands of job seekers get that dream job.