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A Guide to Applying for a Job in Person

A Guide to Applying for a Job in PersonEven with the advances in technology and modern procedures in the job selection process, applying in person is still being practiced today even with large companies. Applying in person can offer many advantages to the job seeker. But even if this procedure may appear less complicated, this still needs preparation, otherwise your chance of being employed gets wasted.

Filling Up an Application Form

If a company entertains personal applications, be sure to be ready to fill up the application forms. It may not be beneficial to you if you cannot completely answer what is required. There is always the danger of missing important data that can be critical when employers evaluate your application form.

To avoid these problems, always be ready with the necessary information. Bringing a printed copy of your resume will definitely be of great help when filling up the forms. You can use this copy to guide you in filling up the data required. As a reminder, information that are usually asked will include full contact information, educational background, job experiences with the inclusive dates and names and addresses of previous employers, and a list of references.

Be Ready for an Interview

While not a common practice, it would never hurt to be prepared should the prospective employer conduct an immediate interview. Always assume that an interview will be given when making a personal job application. In some companies, an initial interview is conducted in order to screen applicants.

Do not waste the opportunity by coming unprepared. You should assume that the interview would be like other job interviews so it is important to prepare fully. You should be ready with suitable answers to the questions given by the interviewer. Failing to provide the answers expected by the interviewer would be a guarantee for failure. Your preparation should be similar to cases where you have been informed beforehand of a scheduled interview.

As part of the preparation, you should be wearing the appropriate attires and the proper grooming. Never assume that there will be no interviews and that it would be okay to wear very casual clothes. It will not hurt wearing your best suit and spending in your grooming even if your objective is just to submit your application form in person.

Other Things to Remember

Aside from wearing the appropriate attire, be sure to bring also your pen for filling up the forms. It will not look good if you have to borrow from the office workers just to fill up the application form. And be sure to inquire if it is all right to follow up in your application. You may need to get the right numbers to call and the person to make contact.