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Importance of References in the Job Application Process

references job applicationWhile in the process of making your résumé, you may wonder if it is necessary to list down your references. Although it is not necessary to include it in the résumé, you should always be ready with a separate paper with your references. This may become vital after you have hurdled the initial phases of the selection process and may now be seriously considered by the company for employment. They may want to expedite your hiring and therefore the need to check up references.

On the other hand, many would think that it would not hurt including your references in the résumé. This will project a professional look, making you appear as an organized person and one who is very serious with the job application. It will save you also the embarrassment if you fail to bring your reference page and the employer would want to get hold of your references during the actual interview.

Important Reminders on References

In any event, preparing your list of reference, whether you include it in the résumé or not, is very important and you may want to be reminded of the following:

1. Your references should be those that can talk about your skills and experiences of the job, including the so-called soft skills. Ideally the best reference would be the immediate superior of the last job you held. You may also include your peers or bosses higher up the chain if they are aware of your performance and accomplishments. If your previous jobs involved meeting other people, customers or clients would also make good references. For the first-time jobseekers, professors would be the best options. Listing down your relatives and friends would not be a good idea.

2. Before you include anyone as a reference, be sure that you have gotten his or her permission and to expect a call from your potential employer. This is important in order to prepare you reference whenever the call arrives. Doing so will also allow you to confirm that your reference will be available, at least during the period in which checking may be done. A person on a long vacation or on a business trip in the other half of the world may not be able to receive calls.

3. Make sure that all details are included and these should be current. Reference pages should contain the full name, official designation, company name, address, and contact numbers.

4. Do not ever assume that your potential employers will not check your references. In this connection, you would want someone who can vouch for your performance and skills or one that can really help you get the job. Including a former superior who you may have been at odds with may cost you the opportunity.

The importance of having the right references cannot be stressed enough. Job opportunities have been missed after checks on references yielded negative results. It would not really hurt to keep in contact with former co-workers who may be named as a reference in the future.