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Asking the Right Question May Spell the Difference in Your Job Interview

It has always been the misconception of job applicants that any job interview would solely be under the control of the interviewer. To these people, they see their role as simply providing the answers to whatever the interviewer may ask. While the essence of an interview is to know more about the applicant, you are mistaken if you think that your prospective employer does not welcome your inputs through questions of your own. An interview is a two-way process and there is a valid reason why an interviewer would expect questions from the applicant.

Questions May Reveal so Much about the Applicant

Yes, asking questions for the interviewer would be the proper process and can be very beneficial to the applicant. In fact, interviewers very much welcome the questions coming from an applicant. The types of questions an applicant may ask will reveal so much about the person that can help the employer decide on the suitability of the applicant for the position. On the part of the applicant, asking questions will provide the necessary information that will help in making sure if the job is the right one for him or her and will be useful in the performance of the job should he or she be hired for the position.

Based on the questions asked by the applicant, the employer may be able to learn so many things. They may get the idea about how serious you are about the job, learn about your personal attributes which can form basis regarding your capacity to work with the team, gather inputs on how you can effectively contribute to the company’s growth and performance. Asking about the advancement opportunities in the company may give the employer an idea about the applicant’s ambitions and long-term commitment.

Type of Questions Welcomed by Employers

Based on results of studies conducted by human resources consultants, the following are examples of the appropriate questions to ask a prospective employer:

1. What are the opportunities for advancement?

2. What is the realistic time frame for advancement?

3. How is an employee evaluated and promoted?

4. What are the challenging facets of the job?

5. What are the company’s plans for future growth?

6. What makes your company different from the competitors?

7. What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses?

8. What kinds of career opportunities are currently available for my degree and skills.

9. What are the expectations for new hires?

10. What qualities are you looking for new hires?

11. What characteristics does a successful person at your company have?

12. What are the usual assignments for new hires?

13. How does your company differ from competitors?

14. What is the corporate personality or organization culture?

15. Why do you enjoy working for the company?

What An Applicant May Do

To be able to come up with the right questions, the applicant must put earnest efforts in learning about the company. Being knowledgeable about the company may also allow the applicant to answer questions in an intelligent and confident manner. With our present technology and information advances, researching on these firms may not be really difficult. An applicant may also get assistance from professionals who may be quite familiar with these companies.