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Questions to Expect During a Job Interview

You may have the best résumé among all applicants but it will amount to nothing if you cannot satisfactorily answer the questions during the interview. Such is the importance of the interview process. While there may have been changes in the substance of the job interview, some questions will almost always be asked. It may be of valuable help if you can prepare for these questions:

Tell me about yourself?

Interviewers would always like to start the session at a light note and this is usually done by asking you to tell something about yourself. You should be prepared for this, highlighting the important things within a period of three to five minutes. You would want to focus on your positives points such as achievements in other jobs or in school for the first-timers. As much as possible avoid personal and unimportant information. And be sure you sustain your enthusiasm while delivering.

What are your strengths?

Even if you possess so many strengths, you would want to concentrate on those that the employer seeks. If you are applying for a technical job, you may emphasize your extensive education, training, and experience on that type of work. Be sure to include soft skills that employers will always be looking for.

What are your weaknesses?

This can be a tricky part since baring all your weaknesses may cost you the job. You may want to mention those that may not be a very critical requirement of the position. It would not hurt mentioning that you have worked on a certain weakness and have improved considerably since then.

Why did you leave your last job?

You answer to this question can be very crucial since it would give the interview an idea of the person you are. Your future boss would not be so excited to hire if you left your last job due to the inability to get along with the boss or that you were suspected of malingering or due to poor performance. Another thing that may hurt your application would be a history of leaving a job within a short period of time. Be ready for an answer for each previous job.

Why would we hire you?

While this question may scare others, this may actually be a good opportunity for the applicant to sell himself, so to speak. This is the chance to show to your prospective employer how you can be a big asset to the company. When doing this, be sure to relate what you can contribute to the requirements of the job.

Be Prepared for Other Questions

These are just five of the most commonly asked questions. You may be asked other questions asking about your goals, your behavior, attitude, and many more. The important thing is to research on this and come up with the proper answers. If necessary, you may get assistance from professional to prepare you for this crucial stage in the application process.