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Résumé Tips in the Information Age

We are said to be in the information age wherein millions of information are processed in just a few seconds and anything one would require would only need a push of the button. These advances in technology have made an impact in all businesses even including the process of hiring workers.

Not too long ago résumés were mailed or handed personally by the applicant and employers exert effort to read the applications of those interested. Times have changed that today résumés are sent online and are then kept by employers in a database. Whenever the company may require additional personnel, what the HR department would do is to retrieve any applications by doing a search and calling up prospects that may fit the company’s needs.

In view of these developments, here are some tips in making résumés that would keep you up with the so-called high-tech systems and procedures.

Have Resumes Fit the Position Sought

Résumé Tips in the Information Age

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It used to be that one version of a resume would be good enough for several applications as long as the position sought would be similar. This may not be advisable today when companies store applications in a database. When these companies require additional personnel, what they usually do is to a search using keywords.

If you had written in your objective or under the heading of “experience” that you have led or supervised a team of people, most likely your resume would not appear if the employer would be searching for keywords such as “managed a group of worker”. Chances would become dimmer if you use such words such as “direct report” if the recruiter prefers the traditional term subordinate.

In view of this, human resources experts advise applicants to fit exactly what the company requires. You should spend time checking their classified ads and job description and fit your resume to their requirements. And it will be worth it if you prepare a different resume for each application instead of sending one version to all companies.

Keep Your Resume Simple

With the multitude of features that can be applied using the various softwares available, experts remind applicants not to be tempted to use these in the resumes. Avoid using those modern borders or other graphics. It might not be a good idea to use those hypelinks since the employer may not favor the use of these tools. Aside from hyperlinks, it may be well to avoid using different colors, unheard fonts, italics, and underlining words.