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Six Things to Remember When Making a Resume

Getting a job starts with a resume. Even if you have the best qualifications, you may never be considered for interview if the employer is not satisfied with what he or she reads on the resume. The importance of having a good resume cannot be stressed enough.

To help you come up with a resume that catches the attention of the employer, here are six things you should remember.

Be Clear on the Purpose of the Resume

It would really be a surprise to see an applicant get a job on the basis of a resume. You should bear in mind that the purpose of the resume is to get that interview and not the job outright. With this misconception, job seekers tend to try very hard to impress the employer that they come out with a resume that is very long and boring to the employer. Remember that there may be thousands of applicants for the job and they do not have all the time to go over every page. So keep it short and put in what really counts.

Focus on Accomplishments

Many applicants make the mistake of emphasizing their responsibilities and even using big-sounding words. You should realize that what employers look for are accomplishments and that they are not impressed by your duties and responsibilities. By sharing the positive contributions you made in previous jobs, an employer gets the idea of your responsibilities and how well you performed given those responsibilities.

Don’t Make it Too Long

Too long a resume and your employer may get bored. On the other hand, a very short one will put you out of the running. Experts agree that resumes should not exceed two pages for those with extensive experiences. For those who just graduated and who may not have much experience, one page may be adequate.

Proofread for Errors

A very small error, whether it be a typographical error or in grammar, may make the difference. This may give the impression that you do sloppy work or that you do not possess the basic skills of communications. So it is essential that you proofread your work not just once, but as many times as necessary.

Highlight Most Important Information

If your achievements in previous jobs far exceeded expectations, then you want to highlight this by putting it first in the resume. You do not want it placed at the last page behind an educational background that may be far from satisfactory. In most cases, employers give attention to the first paragraphs and go over the rest in a cursory manner. Of course if you have not gained much work experience, you may want to highlight the fact that you excelled in school.

Identify With the Company

In many cases, an employer’s attention is caught when an applicant shows knowledge of the company and presents his skills in a manner that will match the needs of the employer. By indicating that your marketing skills and experiences are tailor made for the position required, you may have just made yourself a frontrunner among the applicants.