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Skills That May Make a Difference in Your Application

Human Resources (HR) experts acknowledge that companies rarely hire purely based on the hard skills of an applicant. In fact, one of the main purposes of interviews is to know the applicant more deeply in terms of soft skills or what may be termed as emotional intelligence quotient. These are very important qualities since these may determine if the applicant may fit the needs of the company.

While these skills may be considered personal attributes, these may be developed to a certain extent. And doing this may not be just for employment purposes, but may help you develop as a person. Examples of these soft skills are the following:

Integrity and Honesty

This may refer to a person’s commitment to honor, ethical behavior, values and principles. Integrity comes with honesty since a person with integrity becomes true to himself and be consistent in his or her stand. This is very important since a worker’s integrity and honesty may have huge implications on the dealings he or she may undertake on behalf of the company.

Communication Skills

Communications skills is not only limited to how well a person speaks. It includes listening and understanding the message, written skills, getting the message across effectively, and even body language. These are all important aspects of the job. There have been so many failures in company’s operation simply because of poor communication or lack of communication. Obviously the way the interview progresses may indicate an applicant’s communication skills.

Teamwork and Cooperation

Now, more than ever, teamwork and cooperation are very crucial in the success of a company. The days of a lone ranger are long gone. Any success a company may realize would be the result of the efforts of people from different departments and from different personalities or characteristics. What is important is to show that even with people of varying backgrounds and personalities, you can still get along and cooperate in order to achieve any goals.


A person who does not show any initiative and has to wait for word from others before making any action will have no place in an organization. This is especially true for those in positions of responsibility. We are in a fast-paced world right now that any delays may be costly to a company. Organizations are always on the lookout for leaders and having initiative is a measure of a person’s leadership potential.

Problem Solving Skills

In an ideal situation, companies become successful without any problems. But this may never happen. There will always be problems and the future of a company may depend on the decisions taken by workers. So it is only natural that any organization will be looking to hire a person with problem solving skills. While the ability to make decisions may be advantage, this will surely be doubly appreciated if these decisions are right for the needs of the situation.

These are just some of the soft skills a company may look for in an applicant. There are a several attributes that may be helpful in getting that job. It will be worthwhile to look into these and learn to develop these skills. If necessary, you may get the assistance of those who have expertise in this field.