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Steps to Take After an Interview

You have just completed your interview and now you feel relieved and optimistic of the results. While you may choose to relax and wait for the call from the employer, there are some things you can do to show your appreciation for the opportunity and most of all, may be of great help to your application. Here are some things you may do right after the interview.

 Steps to Take After an InterviewExpress your thanks for the opportunity

Common courtesy would dictate that we show appreciation for being given the opportunity to beinterviewed. Experts agree that a “thank you” note should be sent within 24 hours after the interview. You can do this by sending the message as an email or you can send a note to give it a more personal touch.

Provide follow up responses

In many cases, there will be questions or issues that may not have been satisfactorily addressed during the interview. Or there might be documents that were not presented during the interview but may be very critical to the entire hiring process. This is now the opportunity to provide those responses. This may be done along with your “thank you” note or submitted separately.

Prepare for the next round of interviews

The selection process usually takes multiple interviews before a candidate is chosen and it is very rare for a company to hire a person in just one interview. So what an applicant may do after the initialinterview is to prepare for the next round. Usually the second round would consist of more people and those coming from departments who have requested for additional personnel. This is a critical stage so it pays to be prepared for it. You should realize that these people may be asking specific questions related to the job. It is also good to learn how to maintain calm when being interviewed by a panel.

Be sure to follow instructions

Nothing can cause negative impression to the employer than not be able to follow instructions. If the employer tells you to follow up through email, then you make contact through the email and not through the phone. If they specifically tell you to call after a week, then do not call days after the interview. And if they inform you that they will not entertain any follow ups and instead wait for them to contact you, then obey these simple instructions. These may appear minor matters but they can have a huge impact on whether you will get the job.