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Taking an Inventory of Your Strengths and Weakness for the Job Application

references job applicationEspecially for the first-timers, applying for a job can be likened to selling yourself. You are the product and therefore you must show to potential employers how they can benefit if they hire you. And like a product, you would want to highlight all the things that can bring benefits to the company.

To do this, you must know your strengths and weaknesses and maximize your advantages by highlighting these in your resume and during the interview if given the opportunity. To get a proper inventory of yourself, you can use the following six areas:

Your Interests

This will include all the activities that you enjoy doing. You will be listing these according to your preferences. Do you like physical activities? Are you comfortable with working on mechanical things? Do you enjoy music and art? Are you a member of any organizations devoted to specific activities? These are the types of questions to determine your interests.

Your Abilities

You would want to list down things that you do very well. Recalling all activities, such as tests, hobbies, and projects, in which your skills stood out may allow you to identify your special skills. Those awards or special credits given to you will also reflect on the abilities you possess.

Your Education

Education here would mean more that the major course you have completed. This will include all the special courses or seminars you have attended. There may be special trainings that you have joined that will be useful in the position you are seeking.

Your Experience

As a first-time job seeker, your experiences may consist of those you have engaged on a part-time basis or it can also be as an apprentice. You have to list all your duties and responsibilities in these positions and determine which may be applicable to your current needs.

Your Personality

You have to be honest here by putting all the personal traits you possess – whether they may be good or bad. There are so many aspects to consider here that you have to expand how you see yourself. Do work well with other? Are you easily angry? Do you keep your motivation high always? Are you an introvert? You may want to refer to other sources to identify the different personal traits.

Your Goals

This is a very important area not just for the employer but for you also. You would want to know what you would like to do in five years, ten years, or the immediate future. In your list of goals, which one is the most important? Is it career, family life, civic activities, or any other areas? In the aspect of career, this should also include the kind of job you see yourself working and what type of industry that would be.

Organize Your Inventory

Once you have listed down all your strengths and weaknesses, you would choose those qualities that will help you land the job. You must remember to match your assets to the needs of the company. It would be useless if the strength you have given emphasis would be useless to the company. So you choose only what is applicable and important that would fit in your résumé.