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Tips on Dealing with Nervousness during a Job Interview

Tips on Dealing with Nervousness during a Job InterviewEven the most experienced of job seekers will tell you that even they still get nervous during a job interview. Feeling nervous before an interview is perfectly normal, especially for those who are first-time job seekers. This only becomes a major problem if this nervousness is not properly managed, costing you that coveted job.

These suggestions may help you cope with the nervousness so that you can present your best for the interview.

Prepare for the Interview

You have every reason to be nervous if you are not prepared for the interview. Having no idea of the possible questions and uncertain about what you may answer will only increase your fear and anxiety. However, if you are ready for any questions the interviewer may throw at you, you will feel confident and this will greatly take away the nervousness. For your preparation, you would want to list down all possible questions and come up with the best answers.

Conduct a Mock Interview

Successful applicants will tell you that their preparations included having a mock job interview. You can ask a friend or relative to act as an interviewer and you go through the process. It may even be better if your interviewer asks you questions that you may not have been aware of. To give it a semblance of reality, you can include dressing up so you will not feel uncomfortable when wearing formal wear during the actual interview.

Use Calming Techniques

Calming techniques have been very beneficial in situations like these. You can practice deep breathing while waiting for your turn for the interview. You can listen to your favorite music or any song that may cause you to be calm and relaxed. Others bring along a book to read to keep away their mind from the interview to come. There are other techniques you can employ for this purpose. Others may find relief by simply talking to the other applicants if there are other applicants with you in the waiting room.

Visualize a Successful Interview

A lot of people may attest to the power of positive visualization and this includes job interviews. This will not only boost your confidence but will do a lot in calming those nerves. To do this, you put yourself first in a state of relaxation then start visualizing how the interview would proceed. In your mind see yourself as being confident, relaxed, and enjoying the moment. You see yourself answering satisfactorily all the questions asked. To come up with a more effective imaging, be sure to include all your senses. Include what you hear, what you see, what you smell, and what you sense.