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Useful Tips in Discussing Starting Salaries

Even if may do not admit it, salary is a very important consideration in our job application. Perhaps in the desire to project an attitude that financial considerations lag behind in our priorities in getting a job, we refrain from discussing it. Of course, if you are starting from the bottom, they might have an entry-level salary which we cannot do anything about it. However, you might already have the experience and applying for a job where there is more leeway in the matter of salaries.

Should a discussion of salary become necessary, here are some tips that may be useful:

  •  Before starting any discussion, you should be well aware of your total compensation package from your previous job since this will always form as basis for comparison. Please note that your compensation may not only be limited to your regular monthly pay but may also include allowances, incentives, or any other monetary programs followed by a company.
  •  It will always help knowing the salary range of the position you are applying. You may learn this from industry sources or anyone inside the company who may have the knowledge. In other cases, you interviewer will tell you beforehand the salary range of the position. With this knowledge, you may form an idea as to how much your services may be worth.
  •  Before the interview, you should already have list of your major achievements in previous positions. This may include any activities that will show that your contributions to the company went beyond your job description or what is expected of the position. Any training or additional education you may have possessed will certainly be very advantageous. These are important since you may have to present your accomplishments during the discussion. If there is anything a company looks for in a potential employee – it is performance. Performance that may be carried to the new position and which will help the company.
  •  When discussing salary with your prospective employer, you should also be realistic. You should have an idea how the company is doing at the moment and the general trend of the industry the company is in. It might not be a good idea to seek a salary beyond their levels especially at a time when the company is struggling. But this should not be a reason to give you a salary way below the industry standards.
  •  All throughout the discussion always remember to remain polite, calm, and talk in an intelligent manner. Do not be discouraged or insulted if the employer starts the salary talk at the bottom. In many cases, this is just part of the negotiation strategy. Discuss intelligently and ask for reasons and explore possible options.

In the end, talking about salary is basically a negotiation. And as such, you should end up in a win-win solution. You may start with a mid-range rate with the understanding that you get a raise after a few months. Whatever decision you may arrive, at least you got into it with your full knowledge. It would not be ethical to leave the company after only a few months due to salary issues.